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The House, CAbina and Pool

Being sold as a package deal with the 50 acre farm for $275,000USD. Info on the farm can be found here.

Due to health issues we had to leave Costa Rica. For this reason we have reduced the price, and are also offering amazing owner financing terms.  For owner financing we need a 10% down payment with the rest to be paid either in monthly or yearly payments with only 5% APR.  Will are flexible on how many years the payments will be for.  You will not find better owner financing terms anywhere in Costa Rica.

This amazing property is located only a few minutes from the trail entrance to Corcovado National Park, which graces the peaceful up and coming tourist town of Dos Brazos de Rio Tigre. 

The property comprises of two buildings(a main house and cabina), and a large inground pool on 7567 square feet(703 square meters) of land. The location and layout of the property is such that it can suitably meet the needs of those who might want to use it as a hostel, restaurant, and vacation home or as a permanent residence. 

Both the main house and cabina have been constructed with beautiful exotic hardwoods that will endure for many years. The architectural design includes twelve foot(3.66 meter) vaulted ceilings in both the main house and the cabina. This is allows a tropical breeze to flow all through the day and night.  The breeze not refreshing enough?  Take a dunk in the 13,500 gallon in-ground pool, or walk a few steps to relax in the nearby Rio Tigre(Tiger River).

The outdoor space is filled with mesmerizing beauty.  There are always flowers blooming, and green as far as the eye can see.  A large ylang-ylang tree fills the property with it’s captivating fragrance. In addition to all the exotic decorative plants, there is an amazing variety of edible plants. They include: bananas, passionfruit, tumeric, ginger, pineapple, cassava(yucca), and many types of greens(katuk, chaya, bele, purslane).  There is also green bamboo which is the type used for both decoration and construction. No pesticides or fertilizers have been used on this property, making everything organic!  Behind the cabina are three terraces perfect to garden, have animals, or build more cabinas.

There are also many fruit trees on the property.  This includes two coconut trees that consistently have fresh coconuts, a rambutan tree which brings forth its delicious fruits once a year and the four lime trees that always have an abundance of fruit.  A moringa tree provides extremely nutritious leaves, and a breadfruit tree will produce fruit in a couple years. There are also two cacao trees, so you could make your own chocolate! 

You can enjoy privacy and security, as the entire property is fenced with a six foot(1.87m) fence and locking metal gate. The fence has a variety of gorgeous plants twirled around it, which makes the property completely private.  This also makes the property perfect to have chickens, or to let your dogs play without worry of them escaping the yard. Want to go even further and have goats, pigs, or other small livestock?  Feel free to make this into a micro-permaculture farm, no homeowners association to contend with here! The pool could even be converted into a tilapia pond.

If you love wildlife or bird watching, you will find a lot of real life scenes to capture on your cameras.  Listen to the tree frogs sing mixed with the occasional chirping of the geckos.  Iguanas bask in the tall trees.  Vibrant scarlett macaws and toucans are constant visitors.  There are so many varieties of birds to be seen, you will need to keep a guidebook handy to identify them all.  

This is a turn key property ready to fulfill whatever dreams you could have for it. The main house is 1066 square feet(99m2) and the cabina is 218 square feet(20m2). The main house is currently set up as a hostel, so has been furnished with two bunk beds which have been conveniently made to accommodate full sized mattresses.  The cabina includes a full sized wooden bed frame with mattress, and a mini fridge. The kitchen comes with all eating and cooking accessories.  A hardwood dining table and four hardwood dining chairs are not pictured but also included, as well as a hardwood bench and two hardwood lounge chairs in the main room.  There are two more lounge chairs for the porch, as well as a wicker bench and one wicker chair(not pictured).  Appliances that are included with the house are:

5.9 cubic foot Sankey refrigerator purchased new in 2017

    4.5 cubic foot Frigidaire mini fridge purchased new in 2015

 Frigidaire stove purchased new in 2013

       G&E industrial washing machine purchased used in 2017

    Whirlpool dryer purchased used in 2017

If you desire to get out of the jungle, there are many marvelous beaches just eight miles(12km) away.  To learn more about the surrounding area, click here.

We hope you have enjoyed reading about our property.  Take a look at the photos below, and click on a photo to enlarge it.

Front of House
Front Porch
Main Room
Sitting Area
Screened-in Room
Laundry Area
Path to Pool and Cabina
Cabina Inside
Cabina Porch
Behind Cabina
Rambutan Tree
Passionfruit Flower
Passion Fruit
Green Coconut
Green coconut close-up
Yellow Coconut
Lizard friend
Tree Frog
Cane Toad
Rio Tigre
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