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CorCovado National Park

Hosting 2.5% of the world's biodiversity, Corcovado National Park is considered to be one of the most vibrant ecosystems on earth. 


Under a forest of towering tropical trees, a thriving landscape full of exotic species and spellbinding sights lures adventurers to this remote corner of the world. Corcovado National Park is often compared with or even claimed to surpass parts of the Amazon in both scope of grandeur and wildlife diversity. 


Called by National Geographic as “the most biologically intense place on the Earth in terms of biodiversity”, Corcovado National Park hosts an incredible range of plant and animal species — many of which are endangered and require protected sanctuary to thrive. 


For humans, Corcovado National Park offers an unforgettable experience full of adventurous exploration, wildlife observation and exotic downtime. When you’re not venturing through miles of offbeat jungle trails surrounded by incredible sights and sounds, take a dip under a waterfall in a fresh rainforest swimming pool. Take a break from the canopy by exiting the forest anywhere along the southwest side and stand on its Pacific coastline, where miles of unspoiled beaches and dazzling sunsets abound. 


Corcovado National Park is inviting for both seasoned backpackers and casual hikers alike. You can take a guided tour through the only remaining old growth wet forests on the Pacific coast of Central America. Corcovado National Park consists of 13 types of ecosystems including coastal marines, beach habitats, mangrove swamps, jolillo palm forests, lowland rainforests and highland cloud forests — in which chances are high of seeing large numbers of species including big cats, sea turtles, tapirs, eagles, macaws, anteaters and countless more. 


Here, the isolation of nature thrives on the borders of land and sea. Experience a majestic wildlife getaway in Corcovado National Park on Costa Rica’s pristine Osa Peninsula — a completely unique and thrilling adventure awaits. 

Located on the coast of the beautiful Gulfo Dulce, Puerto Jimenez offers a lifestyle rich in modern comforts without treading from Costa Rica’s staple of remote, laid-back luxury. As one of the largest towns on the Osa Peninsula, it is often described as a ‘frontier’ town, serving as a travel hub for visitors seeking the adventure and relaxation of this distinct region of Costa Rica. 


Puerto Jimenez is surrounded by protected natural habitat and acts as a gateway to Corvocado National Park, one of the most ecologically-diverse regions on the planet. For those seeking the adventure of biodiversity in a protected tropical habitat, the area surrounding Puerto Jimenez is second-to-none. The Osa Peninsula is a world-famous hotspot for incredible sights and sounds in an extensively-flourishing ecosystem of plant and animal life. The town of Puerto Jimenez has everything you need to enjoy modern comforts and amenities as you plan your next breathtaking experience not far in any direction.


The cerulean waters of Gulfo Dulce just off the coast of Puerto Jimenez boast dolphin-spotting, exotic sport-fishing and kayaking while hiking, biking and rappelling await adventurers and thrill-seekers inland. In between — beautiful sunsets, soft sand and warm waters can be found on the gorgeous beaches of this tropical paradise.  


Whether you’re looking for the experience of a lifetime or just want to relax and unwind in true Costa Rican fashion, Puerto Jimenez and its surrounding areas offer the perfect balance between memorable adventures and carefree living in an incredibly scenic landscape. 

Adventure awaits on Costa Rica’s famous Osa Peninsula, where wildlife, people and nature mingle in an extraordinarily biodiverse landscape full of beauty and history.


This remote region of Costa Rica is a popular destination among adventure-seekers, nature-lovers and anyone looking for a taste of Costa Rica’s world-renowned leisure and relaxation. 


With traditions and artifacts dating back to a Pre-Columbian era, the Osa Peninsula offers an element of mystery under a canopy of protected rainforest, where one of the most biologically-active ecosystems on the planet thrives in mesmerizing harmony. 


Miles upon miles of secluded beaches surround the Osa Peninsula, where breathtaking sunsets and timeless leisure are on the everyday schedule. Its regions host vast tracts of protected lands and a diversity of sights, sounds and unforgettable experiences. Go hiking through a secluded jungle trail in Corcovado National Park, where you will see and hear a wide range of wildlife — home to the endangered anteater, harpy eagles, tapirs, elusive big cats and much more in an incredible variety of plant and animal life. Get on the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean and Golfo Dulce, which offer sport-fishing, kayaking and endless leisurely cruises along scenic, untouched coastlines. Venture to the uninhabited island of Isla del Caño, where you can experience world-class diving and snorkeling in one of Costa Rica’s largest marine reserves, amidst an array of coral species and marine life including dolphins and whales. 


If you want to take a break from the excitement, there’s plenty of ways to simply relax too. Go on a lazy horseback ride through the jungle or spend the afternoon panning for gold across one of Osa Peninsula’s countless rivers and streams. Enjoy a native or international dish at your choice of local or premier restaurants and indulge in the comforts of a luxury resort. 


Whatever your lifestyle, Osa Peninsula is sure to accommodate a sense of adventure, relaxation and the Pura Vida of beautiful Costa Rica.