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The Property for Sale

Get both properties for the price of one!

Current price $275,000USD for both the 50 acre farm and the smaller property with a house, pool, and cabina that is located a few minute walk away. The information on the smaller property can be found by clicking here.

Due to health issues we had to leave Costa Rica. For this reason we have reduced the price, and are also offering amazing owner financing terms.  For owner financing we only need a 15% down payment with the rest to be paid either in monthly or yearly payments with only 5% APR.  Will are flexible on how many years the payments will be for.  You will not find better owner financing terms anywhere in Costa Rica.

The property is a 50 acre organic off grid farm with a fully furnished rustic 832 square foot house constructed in 2015. 

 Accommodation is in high demand here, as many tourists come to visit Corcovado National Park. The entrance to the park is just steps away and the trail borders the farm.  This makes the farm a perfect location for someone interested in creating a boutique ecolodge or hosting farm tours.  


The property is located in a small town of less than 400 people in the Osa Peninsula.  The town is only eight miles away from the beach and a larger town with all the amenities you could wish for.  For more information about the town, click here. For more information about the Osa Peninsula and the surrounding area, click here.


First, some videos and photos taken on the property of our many animal visitors.  They were all taken with an iphone(limited zoom), to give you an idea how close we were. Since we have hundreds of banana plants and many papaya trees, we always have mature bananas and papayas that we leave in the field to feed wildlife.  The banana field is directly beside the house, and the papaya trees are scattered around it; this attracts a lot of wildlife close to the house.


New Photos of the House have been Added Below

Squirrel Monkey

Squirrel Monkey

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 There is a troop of Central American Squirrel Monkeys that live on the property.  This species of Squirrel Monkey(Saimiri oerstedii oerstedii) used to be listed as endangered, but is now listed as vulnerable. The only place in the world to see these monkeys are select locations in Costa Rica and Panama.